Tips That Can Help Improve Your Child’s Oral Hygiene

When you have a child there is a lot to learn about how their bodies grow and develop. One of the most often overlooked areas of development in a child's body is their teeth. Here is a list of helpful tips that you can utilize with your child to help them build healthy teeth.

Wipe Away the Gumline

Baby's gum lines can collect contaminants, so it's a good idea to get in there and clean them out manually before something develops. Lay the baby on a flat surface such as a change table and then take a clean damp cloth and run it along the gum lines. If your baby doesn't like being on their back during the process, you can cradle them in your arms to make them more comfortable while you work on their gums. You can also buy a soft bristle toothbrush made for babies and massage their gum line to remove anything that might have built up.

Don't Give Them Juice or Milk at Bed Time

When children consume milk or juice at bedtime it sticks to the teeth and has an opportunity to attack the teeth. During the time the child is sleeping the sugars in the milk or juice will start to create bacteria which can deteriorate existing to or slow the growth rate of ones that are developing. If some type of fluid is required at bedtime for your child to get to sleep, then offer them water as an alternative.

Start Regular Dental Check-Ups at One Year of Age

Starting good oral hygiene habits starts early and it is important to get you child comfortable with the dentist working inside their mouth at a young age. You should take your child regularly to the dentist starting at around one year of age to check for potential problems. The first few visits to the dentist will simply be to get your child familiar with the dentist. They can see what it's like to sit in the chair and be comfortable in the office, which is usually decorated with child friendly imagery.

Good oral hygiene habits start as soon as you make them a part of your child's daily routine. Utilizing the tips listed above will help get your kids on the fast track to healthy and strong teeth. If you have any questions about your children's teeth then you should consult with a professional dentist that specializes in family dentistry (such as West Lakes Family Dentistry).