Adult Tooth Loss In Teenage Girls: Can They Get An Implant?

If your teenage daughter had her adult tooth knocked out during athletic competition or because of an accident, tooth replacement may be needed. There are a few different things to take into consideration to make your teen comfortable and to make the best investment.

This is going to provide your teen with a variety of benefits, including a lifelong healthy replacement option. Here are things to talk with your dental professional about when you take your daughter in for a consultation.

Is She Old Enough?

Girls are able to get implants younger than boys in many cases, because their body is done developing sooner. This is great news for your teenage daughter. If your daughter is older than 14-15 years old, they may be eligible. The dental professional is going to look at their bone mass and the development of their jaw to see if the bone could support the hardware used to fuse the implant into the bones, and if the procedure will be safe. An x-ray can be used to help determine if the jaw is in place and dense enough for the implant.

What is the Likelihood of Success?

The metal used for the hardware to secure the tooth is titanium, which is a metal that is usually accepted by the body without a problem. About 98 percent of synthetic implantations are successful in patients, so your teen should run a very low risk of rejecting the tooth. Results should last for a lifetime if the tooth is properly maintained.

How Does she Care for the Implant?

Caring for the implant is fairly easy because all you have to do is brush it and floss the gums around it like before the tooth went missing. This makes maintenance easy for your teen. She doesn't have to worry about removing the teeth like she would with dentures, or having it fall out if she tries to bond a fake tooth into the missing space.

If your teen is worried about what her smile will look like for a lifetime and you want to give her a permanent replacement option, the dental implant is going to be the best choice for her oral health. Talk with your dental professional to see if your teen is going to qualify to have the tooth inserted, and to see if she can have the  procedure done now, to get a perfect white and even smile for a lifetime.