3 Reasons Why Dental Implant Complications Can Happen

Dental implants have been very successful at replacing missing teeth since the 1970s, with a 98% success rate to prove it. Successful surgeries result in an implant that is a permanent fixture of the mouth due to the titanium that forms a bond with the jawbone. While it is rare, complications can happen that involve the implant breaking and needing to be removed. Here are 3 reasons these complications can happen.


It is possible to get an infection while the implant is being installed. The infection will cause the bond that forms between the implant and your jawbone to eventually disintegrate, requiring the implant's removal. The best way to avoid an infection from happening during the procedure is to ensure that the dentist uses sterile techniques, and to take antibiotics after you have the procedure done.

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is essentially an oral bacteria that can infect an implant. When bacteria forms around your dental implant, it's referred to as peri-implantitis. You can avoid this from happening by going to your semi-annual cleanings, and performing proper oral hygiene.

Excessive Occlusal Load

An excessive occlusal load can happen for reasons that are out of your control. If the implant was not placed correctly in your gums, the pressure that the implant takes during normal use cause the bond that the implant has with the bone to break. That is why it is so crucial for your dentist to properly align your bite to ensure that the implant is taking on the proper amount of pressure.

Smoking and Diabetes

Sometimes a dental implant can fail because of risk factors that are specific to you. If you are a smoker, and plan to continue smoking after you receive the implant, it will be two times more likely to fail. People who have uncontrolled diabetes will have issues where their body has difficulty healing on its own, which can also cause an implant to fail. Your dentist will perform a medical exam to try to catch these potential problems prior to performing the surgery.

An important part of having successful dental implant surgery is finding a good dentist with a lot of experience performing the procedure. They will be able to ensure the implant is installed correctly, and that you have a proper bite. When you combine that with managing your potential health problems, there is a great chance that your implants will be installed without any complications. 

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