Have A Tooth With Abscess In It? Know The Dangers And Treatment Options

When someone needs dental work done, it is common to put it off because they are afraid of going to the dentist. Unfortunately, putting off important dental work can lead to complications that will only make the problem worse. This is especially true when it comes to treating an abscessed tooth. By knowing the dangers of having an abscessed tooth and the possible treatment options, you will be motivated to have the tooth looked at by a dentist to catch the problem early on.

Dangers of Leaving Your Abscessed Tooth Untreated

Abscesses can form when there is an infection you have left untreated for quite some time due to existing gum disease or even a cavity. The abscess is essentially a lump that contains a poisonous pus inside it, which is a danger to your overall health. Not treating an abscess can lead to that poison getting into the bloodstream, which can potentially lead to a more fatal health condition.

It happens due to the abscess harming the tooth's pulp chamber, which causes damage to the blood vessels and nerves. The infection may eventually spread throughout the mouth, typically to the jawbone, which causes it to become very weak. Once the infection reaches the bloodstream, it has the potential to reach the heart. This is why a dental abscess can be so fatal.

Ways To Treat Your Abscessed Tooth

The best way to treat a tooth with an abscess is to visit your dentist, since they'll need to perform a root canal on the tooth. This procedure is necessary since the pus needs to be drained out from the tooth. After the abscess has been removed, there will not be any pressure inside of it that was caused from the pus, which means you will not feel the pain anymore. Expect the root canal procedure to cost between $300-$2,000, depending on which tooth the root canal was needed in.

The root canal will also be necessary to treat the tooth's pulp chamber. Your dentist will remove any dead pulp to prevent you from getting an infection that can destroy the tooth. Tooth extraction will be necessary when the tooth is so damaged that repair is not an option. Infections can also be treated using antibiotics, which are taken prior to your root canal being performed and continue afterwards during the recovery period.

For more information about identifying and treating tooth abscess, visit a local dentist like Dr. Robert Petrtyl for assistance.