Wisdom Teeth Extraction Post-Op Made Easy

You've made your wisdom teeth extraction appointment, and you're ready. Right? But before heading out to the oral surgeon's office, spend some time prepping at home. Having everything that you'll need to support your post-op care already waiting for you when you get home makes it easier to start the healing process. So what do you need to keep yourself comfortable in the days following your procedure?

Prescribed Medications

If you're only experiencing mild pain, your surgeon may okay you to take over the counter meds. But, if the pro thinks you'll need something stronger, it's likely that the surgeon will prescribe a painkiller (such as Percocet or Vicodin). Instead of waiting until you're already home to have your meds on hand, ask the oral surgeon if you can get your prescription before your surgery. This allows you to fill it before you even get to the post-op period. If the office won't call in the prescription prior to your surgery, ask a parent, family member or friend to go get it for you while you're still at the office (in the recovery area).

Soft Foods

Depending on your pain level and swelling, you may find chewing on something such as a steak not as easy as it was before your surgery (don't worry, you'll get back to your regular eating routine fairly soon). While you're recovering, eating liquid or soft foods gives your mouth a break and lets you heal. Take a pre-op trip to the grocery store and stock up on your favorite flavor of gelatin, soup, yogurt, bananas and anything else that's soft and squishy. This might just be the perfect time to give yourself a little treat. While you're looking for soft-ish foods, pick up a pint of ice cream or a few cups of pudding.

Ice Packs

Not only can a cold pack help any pain that you're having, but it can also take swelling down a notch. If you're feeling a bit like a chipmunk, icing your face from the start may make that swelling go down quicker than it would on its own.

Movies and TV Shows

If you were so busy at work or school that you missed the entire last season of your favorite television show, now is the time to binge watch it. Before you go in for your wisdom teeth removal procedure, download plenty of shows and movies to keep you busy while you're at home recovering.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common oral surgery procedure. Roughly five million people have this surgery every year, according to the American Journal of Public Health. If you're one of the millions, some pre-procedure prep can make you more comfortable and speed healing along. From the medications that the surgeon says you need to some easy-to-watch entertainment, having everything that you might need within arm's length lets you relax and recover. 

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