4 Mistakes You Should Never Make After Your Child Has A Tooth Pulled

Taking your child to the dentist for a tooth extraction is simple and straightforward. The dental procedure doesn't take long, and many dentists offer sedation options for children who fear having a tooth pulled. Sometimes parents can make small mistakes that can cause big problems. Avoid making these mistakes to ensure that your child heals as easily and painlessly as possible after a tooth extraction.

Stop! Don't Let Your Child Immediately Remove Gauze

A dentist is likely to place gauze or something comparable on the area of the tooth extraction. This helps reduce the amount of bleeding and ultimately stop it. Although a child may fuss about it bothering them in their mouth, don't give it to their requests to remove it. The child should keep it in place in their mouth for at least half an hour after the tooth extraction appointment.

Stop! Don't Provide Beverages with a Straw

No matter what you do, do not let your child drink beverages through a straw or even a sippy cup after a tooth extraction until the area has completely healed. The force of this can cause bleeding and the removal of the blood clot that forms in the place of the tooth, and that can even trigger a very painful condition known as dry socket.

Stop! Don't Plan Rigorous Activities for the Day of the Extraction

Since a tooth extraction is such a quick and easy procedure, you may feel that it is not a big deal to schedule rigorous activities like sports practices for your child soon after the tooth extraction. However, being too active can slow the healing process. Instead, plan a relaxing day for your child after the tooth extraction. Anticipate that they may get restless, so make sure to have a couple of fun movies on hand and some delicious soft foods they'll enjoy.

Stop! Don't Forget the Tooth Fairy

Just because your little one had a tooth extracted at the dentist's office doesn't mean that your child considers it any less of a missing tooth! You should talk to your child about the fact that the tooth fairy will be visiting them that night if that's something they'll expect. Prepare to give them the typical amount of money or a small present like you usually do when they lose one of their baby teeth.

Finally, keep in mind that your child may be a little nervous prior to the tooth extraction, but they should feel no to very little discomfort after the tooth is extracted. Have some child-friendly pain relief medicine on hand just in case they do, and ask your dentist any questions that you have before and after the tooth extraction.