2 Tips To Help You Keep Your Teen’s Same Day Implants From Failing

Same day implants have grown in popularity because they take very little time to complete when compared to traditional implants. Same day implants will usually be installed within one dental visit. They still look and feel like traditional implants. If taken care of, they can last as long as normal dental implants without any issues.

Traditional implants require you to wait for months to ensure that the implant does not fail. Since same day implants tend to bypass this step it is important to take precautions to make sure the implant does not fail well after it has been installed. If your teen is getting same day implants for the first time, then they may not be aware of methods to accomplish this. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help them do this.

Instruct them to Use a Mouthguard During Sport Activities

A mouthguard works well to protect natural teeth from the abuse that comes from playing high-contact sports. Therefore, the oral appliance can also work well to protect same day implants. Implants tend to be as fragile as normal teeth; therefore, any intense contact can knock them out of their socket. Wearing a mouthguard during sports activities will create a buffer that helps to reduce the force before it makes contact with the implants. You can either purchase specially made mouthguards from your teen's dentist or you can purchase standard ones from a sporting goods store. Instruct your teen to wear the appliance each time that they play contact sports.

Instruct them to Avoid Using Their Implants as Tools

Same day implants look and function like natural teeth. Therefore, it is easy to use them as a tool to open objects. This act can damage your natural teeth and will most likely cause same day implants to fail. Therefore, it is important for your teen to use real tools to open these items. If your teen needs to open a bag, then they can use scissors, or if a bottle is more difficult to loosen, then they should turn to a bottle opener before using their teeth. This will help to keep their same day implants from loosening and eventually falling out.

Same day implants make a lot of sense if your teen is looking for an option that is both more affordable and less time consuming. However, they need to take the steps to preserve the health of the implants. Use these tips to help them do this.

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