2 Reasons To Get Dental Sealants On Your Child’s Teeth

The battle to keep your child's teeth both clean and healthy is generally going to be something that is very important to most parents. While regular brushing and flossing is going to be the key to having healthy teeth, there is still the possibility of getting cavities. Thankfully, dentists realize this, so they do all that they can to help you protect your child's teeth. One service that they can provide for your child is the application of sealants on their teeth. Sealants are made from a strong plastic that is going to create a protective barrier between your child's tooth and anything that comes in contact with it. This article is going to discuss 2 reasons why you should get dental sealants on your teeth. 

Protect The Grooved And Pitted Areas

Your child is going to have several grooved and pitted ares on their teeth where their upper and lower teeth bite down and come in contact with one another. This is going to be especially prevalent on their back teeth, like their molars, because they are larger in size, and this is where they are going to do most of their chewing. While these areas are important for chewing, they can be difficult to clean. This is especially frustrating because there is likely going to be food stuck in these grooves because this is where your child chews his or her food. A dental sealant is going to help with this problem because it will be able to go into these different grooves and pitted areas and seal them off. This is going to protect them from the bacteria and other properties in food that can break down their teeth and cause them to decay. 

They Are Long Lasting 

When dental sealants are put on your child's teeth, you have the comfort of knowing that, if your child's teeth are well cared for, the dental sealants are going to last for a very long time. Most dental sealants are said to last for around 10 years, if they are properly cared for. Now this doesn't meant that the sealant doesn't needed to be checked to make sure that it doesn't have any chips or cracks, but this is something that your dentist will look for and take care of for you. They will check your child's sealants each time that they go in for a dental check up and will let you know exactly how the sealants look and how they are functioning.