Tips For Protecting Your New Temporary Dental Crown From Damage

If your dentist installed a temporary dental crown on your tooth while your new permanent crown is being made, then it is important that you know how to protect it from damage. While temporary crowns are strong and designed to protect your remaining tooth structure while your permanent crown is being professionally fabricated, they do require you to proactively protect them. To keep your temporary dental crowns in place and pain-free, follow these dentist-approved tips:

Tip: Understand the Purposes of a Temporary Dental Crown

To keep your temporary crown in place and free from damage, it is important you understand its purpose. Your temporary crown:

  • protects the existing tooth from bacterial growth
  • prevents the movement of your prepared tooth
  • eliminates the tooth's pain and sensitivity 

For these reasons, it is important you keep the crown clean. safe from damage, and allow it to prevent you from having unnecessary dental pain.

Tip: Be Mindful of How and What You Eat with a Temporary Dental Crown

Temporary dental crowns are installed with a much weaker adhesive than is used on permanent crowns. For this reason, you need to be very mindful of how you chew and what you eat while your temporary crown is installed. You should always chew on the opposite side of your mouth than the crown is located on, and you should avoid these things:

  • very hot or cold beverages
  • steak or other tougher cuts of meat
  • nuts and seeds
  • popcorn
  • hard or sticky candy
  • raw hard fruits or vegetables

Your temporary crown may be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. So, while your crown won't be damaged by very cold or hot drinks, you may find they cause you pain. However, eating hard, crunchy or sticky foods with a temporary crown is an invitation for harmful damage.

Tip: Gently Keep Your Temporary Dental Crown Clean

During the weeks while your temporary crown is in place, you need to take extra care while cleaning that tooth. You should brush the crown using only a soft toothbrush and a small amount of non-abrasive toothpaste. When you floss, only do so using a horizontal movement. This is very important, because if you lift up on the bottom edge of the crown using a vertical movement, then you will detach the crown. 

Tip: Call Your Dentist if Your Temporary Dental Crown Comes Off

Finally, if your temporary dental crown comes off, then don't panic. Give your dentist's office a call and let them know that you need an emergency appointment to re-cement your temporary crown back into place. For more information, contact a dental office such as Pittsburgh Dental Spa.