How A Large Cavity Might Be Treated

Does your large cavity cause a lot of frustration because it is painful and food always gets stuck inside of it? The only way that you will resolve the problem is by going to a dentist to get some work done on the problematic tooth. The type of work that will be necessary depends on how severe the cavity is, as well as the overall condition of your teeth and gums. For instance, a dentist might recommend that the tooth is extracted in the worst case scenario. This article will explain a few of the things in regards to how a dentist might take care of a tooth that has a large cavity.

You'll Start With A Thorough Dental Exam

A dental exam is one of the first steps that a dentist will take before your cavity is treated. Exams are important because they provide more knowledge about the overall condition of your oral health. For instance, a dentist will be able to find out if you are suffering from gum disease, have weak jawbones, or if there are any abscesses in your mouth. Sometimes it is necessary to treat underlying condition before a cavity is treated.

It is Possible That a Root Canal Will Be Needed

If a dental abscess is found when your mouth is examined, you will need a root canal. The root canal is necessary because it allows the dentist to remove diseased pulp that led to a severe infection. The abscess will also be safely drained during the root canal, which is important for preventing the toxic pus from getting into your bloodstream. The pus can actually lead to problems in other areas of your body if it isn't drained the correct way.

The Cavity in Your Tooth Will Be Filled

After underlying conditions have been treated, the dentist will proceed with treating the cavity. He or she will fill the cavity in to create a barrier that prevents food and other things from getting stuck inside of it. The filler will also help with the prevention of your tooth becoming infected after it has been treated.

A Dental Crown Might Be Placed Over the Tooth

Due to your cavity being large, it is possible that you will need a dental crown for your tooth. The reason why is because the crown can prevent the enamel of your tooth from easily breaking. Another good use for the crown is to cover the filling that is inside of the cavity to prevent it from falling out of place. There are various types of crowns that you will be able to choose between, such as a gold one if you want that kind of look.

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