3 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Celebrate Halloween In A More Tooth-Friendly Way

With Halloween coming up, you could be worried about your kids harming their teeth by eating too much candy. However, you probably also want to make sure that they have plenty of fun. Luckily, following these tips can help your kids celebrate Halloween in a more tooth-friendly way.

1. Offer Substitutes for Candy

If your kids are planning on going trick-or-treating, there is a good chance that they will come home with a lot of candy. Even though there is nothing wrong with your kids enjoying a few sweet treats for the holiday, discouraging them from eating too much candy can be a whole lot better for their teeth. One good option is to consider offering substitutes for candy. For example, you can trade fruit and other healthy snacks, pencils, small toys, stickers, and other similar items for candy. Then, the candy can be donated to a local food bank. If you are looking for candy to keep, consider getting rid of hard candy, suckers, and sticky candy, which can be particularly bad for teeth.

2. Encourage Kids to Drink Plenty of Water

It's a good idea to encourage your kids to drink plenty of water while they are trick-or-treating. First of all, if they find themselves snacking along the way, the water will help with rinsing away some of the sugar that they are eating. Additionally, even though the temperatures might be cool, it can be easy for kids to get dehydrated while they're walking all over the neighborhood and looking for houses that are passing out candy. If you send them on their way with water bottles -- bonus points if you can find water bottles that are Halloween or fall-themed -- then this can encourage them to sip while they're out having fun.

3. Be Careful with Fake Teeth

Some costumes include fake teeth. These can be a lot of fun, but make sure that you look for those that are made out of soft materials. Hard plastic fake teeth can cause cuts and sores in the mouth and could even cause your child to break a tooth. Also, make sure that the fake teeth are cleaned thoroughly before your child puts them in his or her mouth; then, encourage him or her to brush his or her teeth after taking them out.

Even though many people think about candy when they think about Halloween, it is possible for you and your kids to enjoy this fun fall holiday without totally wreaking havoc on your teeth. If you follow these tips, they should help. For more tips, check with a dental care provider like Centre Family Dentistry.