3 Tips to Help Keep Your Family’s Teeth Healthy This Summer

As the weather begins to heat up, you'll likely be heading outdoors more often to enjoy activities with family and friends. But while summer can be fun, it can also bring additional risks when it comes to your family's dental health. If you want to make it to September with no issues, here are a few tips that might help.

1. Easy on the Iced Tea and Soda

When the weather starts turning warmer, it's common for homeowners to serve their guests a cool beverage as they sit outdoors on the deck or patio. You might also start drinking liquids like iced tea or soda with greater frequency when out at a local amusement park or another outdoor adventure where vending machines are nearby. But if you drink these beverages all day long, you are going to be literally coating your teeth in sugar. Get into the habit of taking some bottled water with you whenever you head out of the house so you don't have to always splurge on another can of sugar water.

2. Encourage Mouth Protection

Summer also brings with it lots of opportunities for local youths to take part in group activities. If your child is going to sign up for a sport like baseball, soccer, or anything else where a ball or an entire body might go flying through the air, you should take steps to make sure your child's teeth are just as protected as the rest of their body. You can get an easy-to-use mouthguard at most sporting goods stores that will offer some protection if a baseball ends up getting a little too close for comfort.

3. Pack a Bag With Essentials During Trips

Summer is also a time when many families go on vacations together. Whether you are going away for a week or just a weekend, it's not uncommon for the entire family's dental care to take a nosedive on trips like this. If you want to encourage good dental care from everyone including yourself, make sure you pack a bag with all of the essentials. Invest in some new travel toothbrushes in case anyone forgets theirs, and feel free to toss in some floss and mouthwash while you're at it. Get everyone into the habit of using these items whenever they return to the hotel room or at least use a small bottle of mouthwash on the go if it's your only option.

Summer brings lots of opportunities for fun, but it can also bring excuses for slacking off from your normal dental care routine. For best results, stay away from sugary drinks and reach out to your area dentists for more information. For more tips on how to protect your teeth this sunny season, visit http://www.apollodentalcenter.com.