Adolescent Orthodontic Services: Improving The Look Of Your Teenager’s Teeth

Is your teenager starting to feel insecure about his or her teeth? You may have noticed that your teen doesn't have the straightest teeth, and this is something that often leads to low self-esteem as people often worry about what others think about them and their appearance. If you'd like to make sure your teen has a healthy, beautiful smile, you should bring him or her into the orthodontist's office for adolescent orthodontic services.

The Initial Consultation 

Before the orthodontist can recommend a specific service, he or she will need to consult with your teenager and examine the teeth. Not everyone has the same issues with their teeth. For some people, it's an issue with overcrowding while others have teeth that are a bit too spaced out. Your teen may have an overbite or an underbite that needs to be corrected. These are different dental issues the orthodontist will check for during the initial consultation.

Choosing the Straightening Method

After examining the teeth and identifying the different issues with your teen's teeth, the orthodontist may start making recommendations. Your teenager will likely need braces, but it's up to you as the parent to decide if you'll choose the traditional metal braces or the plastic aligners, which are commonly referred to as Invisalign. Both methods work exceptionally well at straightening the teeth. Although there is nothing wrong with traditional metal braces, some people simply prefer Invisalign because it's more discreet and they can remove the plastic aligners when they want to brush their teeth or even eat something, making it easier to keep up with good oral hygiene habits.

Starting the Process

After talking things over with your teen and the orthodontist, you may choose the straightening method, and then the process will begin. The orthodontist must take molds of the teeth. These molds are used to create the perfect braces or aligners for your child. Aside from taking molds, the orthodontist may place spacers between each tooth to prepare them from the straightening process, which may begin a few days or weeks from the day your teen gets the spacers.

If your teen gets metal braces, he or she will need to come into the office to have them glued on to each tooth. If he or she gets Invisalign, a set of plastic aligners will be provided to your teenager to start wearing.

If your teenager is starting to feel self-conscious about his or her teeth, you may want to schedule an orthodontic appointment. The orthodontist can examine the teeth, identify different issues, and provide recommendations that could eventually leave your teen with flawlessly straight teeth in the future.