What To Expect After Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

Getting one's wisdom teeth taken out is something that nearly everyone goes through. Most parents will see their children go through it in their adolescence or young adulthood. If you want to be as ready as possible to take care of your child while they recover, then read these tips on what you can expect following the surgery.

Anesthesia Side Effects

Anesthesia is given to patients getting their wisdom teeth extracted to prevent them from experiencing pain during the surgery. After it wears off enough for your child to wake up, you'll be able to take them home. During this time, your child may exhibit some side effects of the anesthesia, like:

Dizziness - Vertigo, dizziness, and related nausea are all common side effects of anesthesia. Encourage your child to sit and rest until the feeling passes. Drinking a small amount of fluid will probably be fine during this phase, but it's a good idea to avoid food until the nausea wears off.

Odd Thoughts - Anesthesia, like other forms of intoxication, can cause your child to say some odd things while they're under its influence. Your child may babble or spontaneously for a few hours after they're out of surgery. Don't panic; this happens normal and is an expected side effect.

Sleepiness - Your child will need to rest anyway, so use this symptom to your advantage. Tuck them in as soon as you can for them to sleep off the remaining anesthesia and to begin healing.

Healing Time

For a period of time - your child's dentist will tell you how long it will take, depending on your child's personal dental health - your child will need to rest and heal following surgery. In most cases, at-home medication is prescribed for pain and to avoid infections. Follow the dentist's directions exactly on giving your child their medicine.

For the most part, your child will need to eat soft food and liquids while they're recovering. This is to avoid damaging the surgical sites.


After a follow-up with your child's dentist, your child's incisions will finish healing. While the incisions have healed, your child may still have some sensitivity as the gums finish their internal healing. Try to avoid having them chew anything that requires pressure over the molars, like crunchy nuts or tough meats.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure that most children go through and recover from perfectly. If you have further concerns, contact your child's dentist to find out more about the procedure and its recovery process. 

For more information, contact your local oral surgery center.