Just A Few Things An Orthodontist Can Do For You

When you hear the word orthodontist, you immediately think of metal brackets and wires on your teeth. While applying braces to your teeth to straighten them is a big portion of what an orthodontist does, they do take care of other dental issues for you as well. Your regular dentist may recommend you make an appointment with this specialist for a number of reasons. Here are just a few things they can do for your dental health.

Space Holders

Space holders are used when a tooth is lost and will not be replaced for a while. Generally, this is done when a child loses a baby tooth and the second tooth is not yet ready to appear. Spacers will keep the other teeth from moving to fill the void. If they do move in, the second tooth will have a rough time pushing them out of the way and will probably come in out of place or crooked. Even one crooked tooth can affect how the others around it grow into place. Spacers might save your child from needing braces in the future.

Jaw Readjustments

If you suffer from a misaligned jaw, you may experience pain when eating or speaking, have trouble forming certain sounds, or perhaps have a confidence issue. An orthodontist can help to realign your jaw. This may be done with a temporary device that will slowly shift things into place, or you may need something permanently installed in your mouth. Discuss the options with them so you can make the best decision for you and your lifestyle.

Lip and Cheek Bumpers

Some people have issues with their lips and/or cheeks constantly rubbing against their teeth. this can be the cause of pain and may even leave around in the area that is rubbed. any open area in your mouth is susceptible to infection as the warm, moist area is a great home for all kinds of bacteria. Bumpers can be used to prevent the rubbing. Quite often, they will only be needed until a tooth finishes growing or your face fills out.

An orthodontist is a dentist who went through extra training and schooling. While they will tell you to keep your regular dental appointments when you are under their care, they can also let you know if there is a dental issue that needs to be looked at before your next appointment.  This professional will work together with your regular dentist to make sure you have the best dental health possible. Contact a clinic, like Eberting Orthodontics, for more help.