Considering Dental Veneers? Know The Answers To These Questions

Have you not been too happy with your teeth for a variety of reasons? It could be discoloration, gaps between the teeth, or even the shape of them? If so, know that there is a cosmetic dentistry procedure out there that can fix it for you known as dental veneers. It involves placing a porcelain shell on the front surface of your teeth to hide all of those imperfections, which may be the exact solution to your problem. Here are a few questions you will likely have about this procedure. 

How Many Appointments Will It Take To Get Dental Veneers?

The dental veneer procedure should only take two appointments to complete. The first appointment will act as a preparation appointment so that the dental veneers can be made. You'll talk to your dentist about the problems that you want to fix, and they will help you decide on the final look of the veneers that will be created. This includes determining the right color, shape, and size of the teeth, and even visualizing it on a computer for you.

You'll then go through the necessary preparation steps for getting the veneers, which includes removing a thin layer of enamel from your teeth. A temporary set of veneers will then be placed on your teeth so that they have the protection they need until the final veneers are made. It will take a couple of weeks to make the veneers, so you won't have to live with the temporary veneers for too long. The second appointment will involve removing the temporary veneers and placing the final set on your teeth. 

Do Veneers Last For Life?

One thing to keep in mind about dental veneers is that it may not be a permanent procedure. While in the past veneers were only known to last about a decade, veneers these days can last much longer thanks to the technology used to create them. That said, veneers do not last forever. At some point, you will need to have your dental veneers replaced so that they will continue to look great. The length of time that veneers will last highly depends on your personal habits, such as your oral health routine, what you eat, and if you will smoke after the veneers are put on.

Have more questions about getting dental veneers? Reach out to a local cosmetic dentist so that you can schedule a consultation.