Are Dental Implants The Right Choice For You? 3 Reasons To Consider Them

Dental implants are permanent implants in your mouth to replace and mimic your teeth. They can be used for a number of reasons, even just to give you a straighter and whiter smile that you've always wanted. Whatever the reason you are looking to replace your existing (or missing) teeth, you should consider dental implants over other types of replacement teeth, such as bridges or dentures. Read on for a few reasons why you should consider them.

1. They Mimic Your Natural Teeth

Not only do dental implants mimic your natural teeth visually, but they do so physically as well. These implants function and perform much like your natural teeth. As they are drilled and screwed into your jaw bone, they end up becoming permanent. They aren't going to damage as easily as a denture or a bridge can. They look very natural and it can be very difficult to tell that they are not your natural teeth.

2. They Won't Fall Out

Sure, you can damage your dental implants if you don't take care of them, just as you can damage your natural teeth if you don't take care of them. However, your dental implant will not fall out the same way your dentures can, and you don't have to be concerned with taking them out to eat or to sleep as you do with a bridge. With dentures, you have to take them out to clean them nightly, but you don't have to do this with dental implants. You can eat all of the same foods you used to with your natural teeth, you can laugh, and you can talk all without worrying about your teeth falling out.

3. They Are Permanent

Since these dental implants are permanent, you don't have to be concerned with having them replaced if your dog happens to take them off of your nightstand, and you don't have to worry about having them replaced because of normal wear and tear. These are a permanent fixture in your mouth, although you still have to visit the dentist for routine cleanings, as you would with your natural teeth.

If you have missing teeth, or you are looking for a way to better your smile, you should consider dental implants. These are a good choice when replacing your existing teeth for a number of reasons, including the ones listed above. Talk to your dentist about other reasons why you should consider dental implants.