Which Dental Extraction Procedure Is Best For You?

If you are dealing with extreme tooth decay which fillings can't resolve, your best solution could be getting dental extractions. With two main dental extraction options available, how do you choose the best procedure for you? You can either opt for a simple or surgical procedure. Below is an in-depth look into each of the extraction methods to help you make an informed choice.

Simple Extraction

This is a common and straightforward dental procedure done on visible teeth. A simple extraction is completed on a tooth above the gumline. Before the extraction, your dentist will start by administering local anesthesia. They will then use dental tools like an elevator and forceps to elevate and grasp the tooth. After holding your tooth correctly, your dentist will apply minimal force to loosen it until it breaks from its periodontal ligament.

This extraction method is recommended for erupted teeth, which the dentist can easily remove. It is less invasive and doesn't include incisions. Thus, it takes less time and heals fast.

Surgical Extractions

When you have a complicated case with a tooth and face circumstances where a simple extraction will not be effective, a surgical extraction is your next best option. It is recommended when the tooth isn't visible and is below the gum, and is yet to erupt.

This extraction method is common when removing wisdom teeth and unerupted teeth before getting braces installed. It is an invasive procedure that requires the dentist to make gum incisions to reach the tooth. In some cases, the dentist must cut the unerupted tooth into several small pieces for easy removal. Your dentist will need a dental X-ray before the procedure.


The main difference between simple and surgical procedures is cost. Since the surgical extraction takes time and is more complicated, it costs slightly more than a simple extraction. The two methods also vary due to invasiveness and the time it takes to heal.

During a simple procedure, the dentist doesn't need to make incisions. Thus, the healing time after the extraction process is short. On the other hand, it will take longer to heal from a surgical extraction due to the incision.

Which Extraction Method Is Better?

There is no overall better dental extraction method between the two. Your dentist will recommend one of the two procedures depending on the tooth. An erupted tooth above the gum line can be extracted through a simple extraction, while an unerupted tooth can be removed through a surgical procedure.

Irrespective of the differences between the two procedures, they are both comfortable. Contact a dentist today to learn more.