What Could Be The Cause Of My Child’s Sensitive Teeth?

Children are often straightforward about issues causing them physical pain. As such, your kid might have complained several times about pain when they eat or drink anything whose temperature is extreme. You might also have noticed them wincing while brushing or avoiding it altogether because it hurts. These are signs that your child may have developed sensitivity. Here are some factors that typically lead to the problem in kids and measures to take in order to resolve it:

Poor Dental Hygiene

If you want your kids to have excellent dental hygiene, you must be intentional about making and sticking to certain routines. Notably, kids who don't clean their teeth in the morning and at night are more likely to develop sensitivity than those who do. This is because kids' toothpaste contains calcium, fluoride, and other minerals that strengthen the top coating and prevent damage. Moreover, brushing eliminates the bacteria that cause damage to the top layer of the tooth in the first place. Accordingly, proper dental hygiene in brushing and flossing can go a long way in eliminating sensitivity.

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is a dental health condition that can develop at any age. In children, it can happen during sleep, e.g., because of stress about a test or for a different reason. Sometimes, kids grind their teeth because they are misaligned. Therefore, you should visit the pediatric dentist and get an assessment and a suitable solution to the grinding. Significantly, the force of one tooth applied on another in this way can lead to fast deterioration of the teeth involved, decay, and early loss. Fortunately, the dentist will know how to resolve the root cause of the grinding.

Losing Baby Teeth

Losing the first teeth is an important milestone for all children. However, the process is not always easy. Many might shy away from extracting teeth because it is uncomfortable. Thus, if you aren't vigilant, the tooth that is ready to shed might get impacted by the incoming one. In some cases, the pediatric dental practitioner may recommend the removal of any first teeth that are taking longer than usual to shed. This will prevent problems like ingrown teeth and dental misalignment.

Complications From Sinus Infections

Sinuses are another common dental health issue. The infection affects more than just the nose because sensitivity is experienced at the top of the mouth. The resulting sinus pressure leads to tooth sensitivity, which you can resolve by having the infection treated.

These are some common causes of tooth sensitivity in kids. Speak to a pediatric dentist and get an early diagnosis of your child's tooth health problem if you suspect any issues.