Four Benefits Of Full Arch Rehabilitation

Full arch rehabilitation is a process in which your entire upper or lower dental arch is restored. This is done with the use of dental implants that get secured in place along the entire arch. They're secured in the jawbone with a dental screw that takes the place of the root. An abutment is a piece that attaches the crown to the screw, and the result is a tooth replacement that's as close to a real tooth as you can get. If you're planning on full arch rehabilitation, then learning more about the benefits it offers can help you feel excited as you begin the process. Here are four great benefits of full arch rehabilitation

1: You can get a whole new smile, fast 

If you were to have your teeth replaced one, or even two at a time, then it could take a long time for you to get your new smile. However, when you opt for full arch rehabilitation, you can have your new smile after just a couple of visits to the office. 

2: You can have a fast recovery

While getting dental implants is a surgical procedure, you will be provided with anesthesia, so you don't feel anything during the procedure. You'll also be provided with something to help with the discomfort when you go home. Since your full mouth rehabilitation will likely be done all at once, you only have to heal one time. This is much better than going in for multiple procedures, where you have to recover all over again after each one. 

3: You can prevent bone loss and associated issues

When you're missing a number of teeth, it can take its toll on much more than just your confidence. You can end up with bone loss in your jawbone. This bone loss can be problematic in the future. You can end up with issues with your remaining teeth shifting or becoming loose. It can become uncomfortable when you chew. The shape of your face can even change in a way that makes it obvious you're missing many teeth, even when you have your mouth closed. 

4: you can have the mouth you've always wanted

With full arch rehabilitation, you can get the smile you've always wanted. You don't need to have your missing teeth replaced with ones that look how they naturally looked. Instead, this is your chance to choose the shape and color of teeth you really want. One of the stipulations is the teeth will have to create a proper bite when lined up with your other arch. However, if you need full arch rehabilitation on both arches, then you can have even more choices.