Why Your Wisdom Teeth May Need To Be Removed

Some people believe that the extraction of wisdom teeth is a natural part of aging. However, dentists usually prescribe removals for specific reasons. Here are a few reasons why your dentist may suggest the removal of your wisdom teeth.  Crowding If your oral cavity is too small to accommodate all of your teeth, the alignment of your teeth may suffer. Crowding occurs when the teeth have too little space to present in a straight configuration. Read More 

Four Benefits Of Full Arch Rehabilitation

Full arch rehabilitation is a process in which your entire upper or lower dental arch is restored. This is done with the use of dental implants that get secured in place along the entire arch. They're secured in the jawbone with a dental screw that takes the place of the root. An abutment is a piece that attaches the crown to the screw, and the result is a tooth replacement that's as close to a real tooth as you can get. Read More 

What Causes That Sharp Tooth Pain When Eating Certain Foods?

Tooth pain and general sensitivity can be extremely situational. Your teeth may appear to be in perfect condition, both in appearance and sensation—until you eat or drink something hot or cold. The temperature of what you consume triggers a usually dormant sensitivity, and your teeth hurt. Perhaps it's only temporary for now, but this type of sensitivity tends to get worse. The Outer Layer Temperature-related tooth pain is often related to the outer layer of your teeth—an outer layer that's not as intact as it used to be. Read More 

What Could Be The Cause Of My Child’s Sensitive Teeth?

Children are often straightforward about issues causing them physical pain. As such, your kid might have complained several times about pain when they eat or drink anything whose temperature is extreme. You might also have noticed them wincing while brushing or avoiding it altogether because it hurts. These are signs that your child may have developed sensitivity. Here are some factors that typically lead to the problem in kids and measures to take in order to resolve it: Read More 

5 Reasons To Schedule A Dental Implant Procedure During The Holiday Season

Dental implants are a popular dentistry procedure for replacing missing teeth and restoring smiles. Dental implant surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure that can be performed in the comfort of a dentist's office. Considering the advantages of dental implants, scheduling the surgery during the holiday season might be worth considering if you have some extra time. Here are five reasons why getting dental implants may be a good idea this holiday season. Read More