Choosing Between Dental Veneers Or Bonding

If you have problems with your teeth that require cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth that are discolored or chipped, you may be weighing your options on how to fix them. While dental veneers will do a great job at covering those cosmetic flaws of your teeth, you can also use bonding to achieve similar results. Here is what you need to know about both of these cosmetic dentistry techniques. Bonding Read More 

Top Causes Of Tooth Discoloration

Have you ever noticed how white the teeth of a small child are? When teeth first erupt, they are usually very white and bright, but they do not just stay this way. In fact, teeth will begin to discolor right away after eruption, and this discoloration tends to worsen as people age. Here are some of the leading causes of tooth discoloration and ways to prevent this from occurring. Beverages and foods Read More 

3 Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Can Enhance Your Smile

Your smile is often one of the first things that people notice about you. For many, crooked, discolored, or misshapen teeth are a source of insecurity. The good news is that if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, there are a variety of ways in which a cosmetic dentist can make a difference. Whether you want a small change or a complete smile overhaul, there are plenty of cosmetic dental procedures that may work for your needs. Read More 

Factors That Determine Success of Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are hugely successful, but there are still implant cases that don't heal as well as they should. Numerous factors determine whether and how fast your dental implant heals. The following are some of the most critical factors. Oral Hygiene Dental ailments complicate the implant healing process, and poor oral hygiene increases the risk of dental diseases. If you don't floss or brush regularly or effectively, bits of food remain on the teeth and feed destructive oral bacteria. Read More 

Dental Issues That You May Encounter

When a person starts to experience a significant dental problem, they will need to seek prompt treatment if they are to protect their appearance and minimize their discomfort. Unfortunately, there are some particularly common reasons that can force individuals to seek treatment from a dentist. Infection Individuals will often underappreciate the significant risk that oral infection can pose. When a person develops a serious oral infection, it can spread to other areas of the body, which can rapidly cause their overall condition to deteriorate. Read More