Tips That Can Help Improve Your Child’s Oral Hygiene

When you have a child there is a lot to learn about how their bodies grow and develop. One of the most often overlooked areas of development in a child's body is their teeth. Here is a list of helpful tips that you can utilize with your child to help them build healthy teeth. Wipe Away the Gumline Baby's gum lines can collect contaminants, so it's a good idea to get in there and clean them out manually before something develops. Read More 

3 Fun Ways To Make Your Dental Office Family-Friendly

Dental offices can be a scary place for kids and adults alike; strangers, drills, needles, and the stress of a procedure can make each visit to the dentist a struggle for families. To help your patients relax, try one of these techniques. You'll see a marked improvement in your patients' moods.  The Entry: Friendly Smiles  One of the best ways to immediately alleviate fear is to make sure your staff greets children and adults with a smile. Read More 

4 Ways To Protect Your Teeth During The Holiday Season

The holidays can be rough on your teeth. With all the cocktails, sweets, and treats available, it can be hard to protect your teeth from cavities. This is especially the case if you find yourself getting busy and slacking on your dental care routine. However, you can keep your teeth in great shape if you use the following tips. Drink Plenty of Water Water is important for your body for a number of reasons. Read More 

Lost A Tooth? What Should You Do Before You Get To The Dentist?

Whether struck in the mouth by a flying baseball or mistakenly biting too hard into a piece of food, every year hundreds of Americans find themselves staring down incredulously at their own tooth. What should you do when you lose a tooth in an accident -- and how can you save it? Read on to learn more about the tooth-preserving steps you should take before you're able to visit an emergency dentist. Read More 

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Periodontist

While convenience and cost may be two of the factors you consider when choosing a periodontist, they should never be the primary reasons. Your first concerns should be their educational history, the quality of the care they provide and their treatment philosophy. Finding this information may require a bit of research on your part and a willingness to be direct and ask the periodontist you are considering some probing questions. Read More