Three Things To Know About Getting Oxygen At Your Dentist’s Office

While you won't need it during your regularly scheduled cleaning or even to have a cavity filled, there are other times that your dentist will place a breathing apparatus under your nose to provide you with a flow of oxygen. If you haven't previously experienced this procedure, you might feel a little anxious when the dentist introduces you to this idea — especially if you're someone who already feels a little on edge when you visit the dentist. Read More 

Some Things You May Not Know About Wearing Dentures

If you need to have extensive dental work done to save your teeth, a better option might be to remove your teeth and have denture plates put in. While your dentist will probably try to save your teeth when possible, there are times when getting dentures is the best option. It might be the more affordable choice, the procedure might be easiest for you to endure, or your teeth may be so bad, that dentures are simply the best choice. Read More 

Dentist Office Terror: What To Do

The discomfort and dread that a dentist office causes for you can seem both terrifying and embarrassing. Whether a traumatic experience occurred in a dental chair or you simply dislike the experience, that fear can be soothed. How? Seek Sedation Dentistry For some, fear settles in as soon as they arrive in a dental office and only builds from there. Some dentists might not be able to handle this escalation of discomfort; however, sedation dentistry is offered by many dentists today. Read More 

Do You Need Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a great way to replace a missing tooth, or to replace an unhealthy tooth rather than getting dentures. Dental implants act like your own teeth and don't take any extra work, other than brushing and flossing. There's no need to take them out at night, leave them soaking in cleanser, or worry about them moving when you drink, eat, laugh or talk. Are dental implants necessary for you though? Read More 

Just A Few Things An Orthodontist Can Do For You

When you hear the word orthodontist, you immediately think of metal brackets and wires on your teeth. While applying braces to your teeth to straighten them is a big portion of what an orthodontist does, they do take care of other dental issues for you as well. Your regular dentist may recommend you make an appointment with this specialist for a number of reasons. Here are just a few things they can do for your dental health. Read More